Something about Alessio Leonardi
written by Alessio Leonardi
(please, do not believe a word)
Alessio Leonardi was born in Florenz, Italy, in the summer of 1965. It was either a warm or a very warm day: asked about this he always admit that he can not remember it exactly.

Somehow he managed to study at the Liceo Classico Silvio Pellico in Cuneo, a nice border city in Piedmont where Toto' absolved his military duty. Silvio Pellico was a very important hero of the italian freedom movement in the 19th century: he went very soon captured by the austrians and spent a lot of time of his life in a prison writing his memories.

After this (not the prison, the Liceo!) Alessio went to Turin, where the FIAT was ruling, and studied one year Law at the university. That was an happy period in his life: he had a lot of time to make drawnigs during the lectures, to make politics in the afternoons and to go to the rock concerts at night.

The fun was over when he was admitted at the ISIA in Urbino, at the time the only University for communication design in Italy. He had to work a lot and learned also to draw letters.

Then came the civil duty (yes, he was refusing to take guns in his hand) in Genua. Amaizing city, strange people and an harbour.

At the beginning of the 90's he decided to leave his country and to go to London. He had some problems with the tickets and was shipped to Berlin where he still lives trying to speak english to everyone.

The good news is that he has found Imme, a beautiful girl who married him and that they now have three daughters, the twins Anna Futura and Carlotta Sofia and the last born Emilia Augusta.

I like stories with an happy end.